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August 05, 2012 01:29 PM PDT
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Well, after two or tree years, moonwalk is gone.

I move to



see you there buddies!

Get in the Reggay mood
March 25, 2012 09:16 AM PDT
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01. Lloyd Charmers- In The Spirit (UK Song Bird)
02. Lloyd Charmers- Get In The Spirit (JA Tramp blank)
03. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics- I Love You My Baby (UK Duke)
04. The Viceroys- Promises Promises (UK Crab)
05. Hugh Roy- Wisper A Little Prayer (UK Explosion)
06. The Cobbs- One Love (UK Amalgamated)
07. The Creations- Mix Up Girl (UK Punch)
08. Herman Marquis- Tom´s Version (UK Spinning Wheel)
09. Alton Ellis- I´ll Be Waiting (JA Techiques pre)
10. Jackie Mitoo- Mule Jerk (UK Punch)
11. Itals- Oh Lord Why Lord (UK Punch)
12. Burning Spear- Door Peeper (UK Bamboo)
13. The Hippy Boys- Cloud Burst (UK Duke)
14. The Sensations- Work Man Song (JA Techniques pre)
15. Pat Kelly- Work Man Song (JA Unity pre)

February 15, 2012 06:08 AM PST
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01. Les Foster- Run Like A Thief (UK Torpedo)
02. Al Reid- Vietcong (UK Blue Cat)
03. John Holt- All My Life (UK Trojan)
04. The Crystalites- Lady Madonna (UK Songbird)
05. John Holt- Never Hurt My Baby (JA Inbidimts pre)
06. Green Mango- Run Down (UK Ackee)
07. Jackie Mittoo- Real Gone Loser (UK Bamboo)
08. Sound Dimention- Rathid (UK Bamboo)
09. The Melodians- Lonely Night (JA Treasure Isle blank)
10. Heaters- Melting Pot (UK Upsetter)
11. Big L- Music Box (UK Attack)
12. Joes All Stars- Reggae On The Shore (UK Joe)
13. Don Cornal & The Eternals- Let´s Start Again (JA Moodisc pre)
14. The Victors- Things Come Up To Bump (UK Studio 1)
15. The Sensations- Just One Smile (JA Techniques blank)
16. The Afrotones- If I`m In A Corner (UK High Note)

Tune In! Part II (Reggae 1970-75)
November 15, 2011 08:26 AM PST
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00. Intro
01. The Cimarons- Reggae Time (Trojan)
02. Soul Syndicate- Smoke Without Fire (Green Door)
03. Richard And Glen- Boat To Progress (Duke)
04. Dennis Brown- Silhouettes (Song Bird)
05. Joe Gibbs All Stars- Tipatoe (UK Pressure Beat)
06. King Iwah- Give Me Power version 2 (UK Upsetter)
07. Big Youth With Simplicity People- Screaming Target (Grape)
08. Honey Boy- Guitar Man (Cactus)
09. Rad Bryan- Girl You Rock My Soul (Black Swan)
10. B.B. Seaton- Elena Rigby (Pama Supreme)
11. Winston Wright- Reggae Feet (Bamboo)
12. Keith Hudson- Uncover Me (Summit)
13. Donovan Carless- Be Thankful For What You´ve Got (Tropical)
14. Well Pleased & Satisfied- Living In The Slum (Cactus)
15. Rupie Edwards- Boogooyaga (Cactus)

The Prophets episode (UK Reggae 1970)
October 26, 2011 09:22 AM PDT
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00. Intro.
01. Top Of The World
02. Queen Of The World (with Claudette)
03. Concorde
04. Bush Beat
05. The Revenge Of Eastwood (Vers. I)
06. The Revenge Of Eastwood (Vers. II)
07. Jaco
08. Crystal Blue Persuasion
09. Crystal Blue Persuasion (Vers. II)
10. The Return Of The Pollock

all tunes are recorded from the Big Shot label

October 12, 2011 05:52 AM PDT
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Well, here´s a brief selection of some of my fav reggae vrsions!

01. Big Youth- Facts Of Life (UK Gayfeet)
02. Lloyd The Matador- The Train (Engine 54) (UK Sioux)
03. The Crystalites- Overtaker (UK Song Bird)
04. Dennis And Lizzy- BA-BA-RI-BA (JA Duke Reid GH)
05. Lloyd Young- High Explosion (UK Techniques)
06. Doctor Alimantado- Poison Flour (JA Ital Sounds)
07. I-Roy- Noisy Place (JA Andy´s)
08. Dennis Alcapone- Run Run Version (JA Inbidimts pre)
09. Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny- Chairman Of The Board (UK Green Door)
10. Hugh Roy (Dennis Alcapone)- Revelation Version (UK Explosion)
11. Jeff Barnes- 1.000 Tons Of Version (UK Unity)
12. I-Roy- Musical Pleasure (UK Moodisc)
13. Lloyd Tyrell- Oily Sound (UK Bullet)
14. Martin Riley- Catch This Sound (UK Camel)

all tunes are taken from the original vinyl records (strictly 7inch)

House In Session! Pama Special
September 04, 2011 01:29 PM PDT
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01. Tommy Cowan- House In Session (Camel 30)
02. Slim Smith- Burning Desire (Unity 508)
03. The Chuckles- Run Nigel Run (Bullet 416)
04. The Creations- Qua Kue Shut (Punch 2)
05. Stranger "Soul" Cole- To Me (Escort 810)
06. The Eathopians- I´m A King (Crab 7)
07. Bobby Dobson- Your New Love (Punch 4)
08. Rupie Edwards All Stars- Your New Love (Success 906)
09. Lloyd Tyrell- Mr. Ryha (Nu Beat 023)
10. Max Romeo and The Hippy Boys- Melting Pot (Unity 544)
11. The Rythm Rulers- Second Pressure (Bullet 447)
12. The Tennors- Feel Bad (Crab 26)
13. Tommy McCook- Monkey Fiddle (Unity 509)
14. Pat Kelley- I Am Coming Home (Gas 125)
15. Peter Touch- The Return Of Al Capone (Unity 525)
16. Herman- Sounds Only (Punch 58)
17. Itals- Chaty Chaty (Punch 13)

Tune In! (Reggae 1970-74)
August 15, 2011 07:57 AM PDT
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Hi, for this episode I would choose some of my favourites reggae tunes from the seventies, from deepy Herman (Chin- Loy) productions like Darker Shade of Red to soulful shots like Messengers´ Crowded City or reggae inspired of vintage kung fu films such Black Belt Jones or the classic Enter The Dragon by the hand of the master Lee Perry

so... let's tune in!

01. Matumbi- Brother Louie II (UK GG Records)
02. The Messengers- Crowded City (UK Attack)
03. Sounds Unlimited- Darker Shade Of Red (JA Scorpio)
04. Augustus Pablo- Dub Organizer (UK Tropical)
05. The Wailers- Down Presser (UK Punch)
06. Upsetters- Enter The Dragon (UK Dip)
07. Aquarians- Invasion Version (UK Ackee)
08. Lloyds All Stars- Walls Soul (UK BigShot)
09. W. Riley- Woman Don´t You Go Astray (UK Techniques)
10. Fitz Major- Our Country Needs Love (UK Ashanti)
11. Winston Wright- Heads Or Tails (UK Green Door)
12. Johnnie Lover- New Kent Road (JA Pressure Beat)
13. Herman Chin Loy & Aquarians- New Love (JA Aquarius pre)
14. The Ethiopians- No Baptism (UK Song Bird)
15. The Wally Brothers- The Man Who Sold The World (UK Explosion)
16. Upsetters- 10 Cent Skank (UK Pama Supreme)
17. Lee Perry and The Upsetters- Black Belt Jones (UK Dip)

Lord, What a Bangarang! (REGGAE 1969/1970)
July 22, 2011 06:31 AM PDT
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Well... this time is time to some crispy early reggae nuggets, some well known and others not so...

01. The Prophets- Crystal Blue Persuasion (UK Big Shot)
02. Music Doctors- Touch Of Poison (UK J-Dan)
03. Sprong and The Nyah Shuffle- Moon Walk (UK Grape)
04. Family Circle- By The Time I Get To Phoenix (UK Attack)
05. Hot Rod All Stars- The Longest Day (UK Torpedo)
06. Laurel Aitken- Landlords & Tennants (UK Nu Beat)
07. Laurel Aitken- Single Man (UK Ackee blank)
08. Lloyd Charmers- Duckey Luckey (UK SongBird)
09. Trevor Lloyd- Chinee Brush (UK Explosion)
10. Rupie Edwards All Stars- Your New Love (UK Success)
11. Critics and The Nyah Shuffle- Behold (UK Joe)
12. The Message- Young Gifted and Black (UK Reggae)
13. Israelites- Can´t Get Used To Losing You (UK J-Dan)
14. Dynamites- Silvert Dragon (JA Newbeat pre)
15. Seven Letters- Mama Me Want Gal (UK JJ)
16. Music Doctors- Going Strong (UK Down Town)

all tunes are taken from original vinyl (strictly 7"), without any digital sound cleaner.

Leggo Dat... Hold Dis!!
July 13, 2011 01:22 PM PDT
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No time to words, just music, from Keith Hudson to Sir Collins through Conscious Minds, Ken Boothe or I Roy, to name a few...
get in the 70´s reggae mood!

01. Rupie Edwards All Stars- Jimmy As Job Card (UK Big)
02. Tyrone Downie- Orgon D (JA Fe-Me-Time)
03. I Roy- Black Man Time (UK Down Town)
04. The Conscious Minds- Suffering Through The Nation (UK Punch)
05. The Upsetters- Words Of Mouth (UK Duke)
06. The Abyssinians- Declaration Of Rights (JA Coxsone)
07. Sir Harry- Musical Right (UK Downtown)
08. Ken Boothe- Tears From My Eyes (UK Dynamic)
09. The Conscious Minds- Brain Wash (UK Big)
10. Scotty- Children Children (JA Crystal)
11. Pablo & The Crystalites- Version 2 (UK Randy´s)
12. John Holt- Strange Things (JA Sunshot pre)
13. Keith Hudson- True True To My Heart (UK Down Town)
14. Zap Pow- Broken Contract (UK Duke)
15. Sir Collins & The Versatiles- Exodus (UK Sir Collins Music Wheel)

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